JACT Greek Summer School 2020: Sun 26th July - Sat 8th August  

The 53rd annual JACT Greek Summer School will take place at Bryanston School, Blandford, Dorset, by kind permission of the Head and Governors. The School is situated in a beautiful setting in extensive grounds on the outskirts of Blandford, and has excellent facilities for study and recreation.

Jact Greek Summer School 2019

28th July - 10th August 2019

JACT Greek Summer School 2019: Sun 28th July - Sat 10th August  

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The 52nd annual JACT Greek Summer School will take place at Bryanston School, Blandford, Dorset, by kind permission of the Head and Governors. The School is situated in a beautiful setting in extensive grounds on the outskirts of Blandford, and has excellent facilities for study and recreation.


Students are divided into three main categories: Beginners, Intermediate (up to GCSE standard) and Advanced (those of GCSE standard or beyond, those who are already reading Ancient Greek texts in the original). Within these categories, tutorial groups will be formed of people who are, as far as possible, of the same standard. All courses are intensive and aim to stretch students - you will be expected to spend at least as much time on independent study between taught sessions as you do in class. 

Typically, there would be about 80 Beginners, 65 Intermediates and 190 Advanced students.

Whatever your level and prior experience, there will be other students in a similar position to yourself.


Beginners will use the JACT course Reading Greek. They will be able to buy this at a reduced rate to keep. To get full benefit from such an intensive course, the work must be consolidated not too long afterwards. Before the fortnight ends, all beginners will have read some original Greek, probably including some Homer and an extract of Greek Tragedy.

Intermediate groups: There will be several levels between Beginners and GCSE standard. Groups will start at various points in Reading Greek or Taylor’s Greek to GCSE course to consolidate their linguistic knowledge, and will go on to the next texts of the course (World of Heroes or Intellectual Revolution) or to other texts supplied from the Summer School stock; starting point, progress and finishing point may vary considerably in these groups, but some substantial passages of original Greek should be read in all of them.

Advanced groups will normally aim to read three texts: a book of Homer, a tragedy and a prose book. The texts will be chosen by the group’s tutor to avoid both what students have already read and their A-level set texts. The main aim in reading these texts is to build up the students’ fluency and linguistic self-confidence. Some consolidation of grammar may be thought appropriate. While critical appreciation of the texts will play a part, it will not take precedence over the linguistic priorities which the course exists to promote. Historical, cultural, aesthetic and philosophical exploration is amply on offer in the series of lectures and seminars.

Intermediate and Advanced students will also have the opportunity, if they wish, to take part in a rehearsed reading or performance of a Greek Tragedy (in Greek) which will be presented at the end of the course in the open-air theatre.



Most applicants are students at school or university. They must not be less than 16 at the start of the course. The upper age limit is normally 25 but a few older students may also be accommodated. We also offer a course for teachers - see menu above.



Students work in groups of 7-10. The tutors are experienced teachers drawn from schools and universities. There are three one-hour teaching sessions each day at 9.00, 11.30 and 4.30. Students must attend all these and to do a considerable amount of work on their own between sessions.

On most evenings, after dinner, there will be a lecture concerned with some aspect of Greek literature or culture, and on many afternoons there are seminars on a choice of Classical topics.

Wednesday and Saturday afternoons and Sunday are free. Excursions and other optional activities will be arranged.

Students are expected to attend the full course, arriving between 4.00 and 6.30 on the first day (Sunday) and leaving after the final session during the morning at 10.30 a.m. on the last day (Saturday).



Accommodation is provided in separate boarding-houses for male and female students. Most of the accommodation is in shared rooms for between two and six people, but there are also some single rooms. Responsible adults are resident in the houses and available for help in an emergency.



A quiet room is available for private study. Students will be able to use the school’s swimming pool, tennis courts, squash courts and indoor sports hall. Students may also use the music school and practice rooms. There are usually enough instrumentalists to make up a course orchestra, so students should bring their instruments if they wish to take part.



Bryanston School is nearly two miles from the centre of Blandford. Some long-distance coach routes pass through Blandford. The nearest railway stations are Salisbury and Poole. Coaches will be arranged to collect students from Salisbury railway station from about 4.00 p.m. on the first day, and to deliver them to Salisbury station at about noon on the last day. A charge is made for this (£10 each way).



The course fee for 2019 is £800: this includes tuition and full board. For non-residents, the fee is £540 covering tuition and all meals (except breakfast) as well as use of the school’s facilities.   



To apply for the 2019 Summer School, register via our homepage and then complete the online application process. Students under 18 years old will need to have their registration authorised by a parent/guardian in order to submit an application.      

A deposit of £50 (non-refundable) is required at the time of the application. The balance is due by the end of May. No refunds for withdrawals can be made after July 5th (three weeks before the start of the course or after the start of the course).

If you have any difficulties or queries, please contact the  Course Secretary, Mrs Cathy Bothwell, via Contact Us or email directly to [email protected] or by phone on 07875 252244.

The closing date for applications is 31st March, but earlier application is encouraged. Applicants who are successful will be notified in the second half of April. If the Summer School is oversubscribed, priority will be given to beginners and intermediate students over advanced students.

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